Kathleen Full Photo The daughter of a storyteller and an anthropologist, Kathleen grew up surrounded by books and tales. She writes across genres, letting the characters be her guide. She is also story shaman, content editor and cover designer for www.taledancer.com – check out a free test edit there.

Colorado is the farthest north she’s ever lived, but she has no plans to leave this beautiful state. Her other interests include ball-jointed dolls, jewelry making, handcrafts, her husband, kids and cats, not necessarily in that order.

You can contact Kathleen on Twitter at Taledancer.  You can also email her at kathleen@taledancer.com and more information about her editing and cover design can be found at www.taledancer.com. In addition, she can usually be found lurking at NaNoWriMo events and at MileHiCon.